Elan The Mark 106 | Commercial Property Review Invest or Not

Are you planning to invest in the new Elan Group commercial project, Elan The Mark, in sector 106 Gurgaon? If yes, then we recommend reading this article. We will tell you all plus and minimum of this project from an investment point of view.

About Elan Group

Elan Group is one of the tops know builders of Gurgaon. Until now, Elan has delivered two commercial projects, Elan Town Center and Elan Mercado. Four under-construction projects and 100% sold out, including Elan Miracle, Elan Empire, Elan Paradise, and Elan Epic.

Investors need to care about this before investing in Commercial projects.

Nowadays, the government is taking a major role through the HERARA certificate, where builders can’t commit fake promises to the client. As an investor, you always need to invest in HERERA-approved commercial projects and don’t give payment in any other bank account except an Escrow account.

Lastly, if you want great property appreciation, invest in the prelaunch stage only for the first price.

Elan the mark

Elan The Mark 106 | Commercial Property Review Invest or Not

The Mark is an amazing commercial project with 4 sides open plot. One side 150-meter wide Dwarka expressway, 60-meter wide sector road, 24-meter service road, and 12-meter project road.

The Mark Sector 106 total land bank is 12 acres, of which 3.5 acres are atrium, and this is the only commercial project with 8 screen cinema. Nearly 30,000 families are already living, and the best part behind this project is that earlier, Elan launched a residential project named Elan The Presidential, in which almost 1800 apartments are there, and this project is fully sold out.

So footfall is huge for this project, and Elan knows for the great concept; right now, the project is in the prelaunch stages, so we will get four benefits which include:

  1. 1% interest every month on your Booking amount.
  2. The first price lockin is shown in the below image.
  3. Multiple inventories to choose from.
  4. 50 grams gold on 2000 sq. ft, 20 grams on 800 sq. ft, and 30 grams on 1000 sq. ft shot.


If you plan to invest in Elan The Mark 106 commercial project, this is the right time. If you want a site visit or for the best pricing, connect with our sales executive at 9711311349.

If you have any other comments on this project, let all our readers know via the comment box below.

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